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Previous Editions
Come back at any time to revisit your favorite stories from our previous editions, archived below.

The Summer Gothic is a collection of works that make up Panorame Press' first anthological edition, highlighting the spooky, lonely, and sweltering parts of the summertime. We asked indie, young, and debuting authors in the modern writing community to give us their grim looks into the season of summer, through hot days, lonely lighthouses, racing Mississippi nights, and soft whispering in humid forests.

Panorame Press strives to give our authors and artists a place to share their works and build their portfolios free of submission costs, strict guidelines about what's considered marketable media, and other modern publishing barriers.
Authors & Artists Featured: Tyler Battaglia, B.A. O'Connell, Venus Parkes, Laura Marie Bailey, Quinton Li, Enda Mulholland, Abby Moeller, Lucia Larsen, Freydis Moon, Cass Trudeau, Lotte van der Krol, Alba Sarria, Billy Don Loper, Angela Sun, Dean Shepherd, Corey Bryan, Cinnamone Winchester, Sebastian Ungco, Chrys Marr, Suzey Ingold, & Morgan Lawson
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